Sephora’s New Store Look

Sephora is set to start a brand new shop in San Francisco that is going to function as the newest version for a great many future places, WWD reports. Play and Sephora’s intends for the newest version to support customers to Educate, Inspire — these principles also function as the acronym Sephora Beauty HINT Workshop, for the newest shop name.

The center of the shop are these attractiveness workshops where communal attractiveness tutorials can be hosted by Sephora at 12 stations that are different. Each station has USB ports, an iPad, and WiFi, allowing customers to walk through present technologies and attractiveness workshops, like the Color IQ, Fragrance IQ and Skincare IQ of Sephora, will play conspicuously in the shop layout.


“And that is where we see our differentiator being and exactly how we are likely to carry on to innovate.”

Sephora additionally says that it’s expanding more into hair with all the identical form of technology and stations it’s given to make-up. “Hair is appearing for us as a fine fourth world, and we’ve got lots of initiatives planned for 2016,” McDonald said. “In the long run, would we see a hair studio?

McDonald clarifies this new shop concept will function as the base for store renovations and new shops moving forward, even if it’s not duplicated precisely. “A few of the places, based upon the size, will get all parts of the new layout; others might get elements of it, but this was designed not as an individual shop,” he says. “It was designed as a vision of many our present doors as well as the newest ones we are bringing.”

The primary Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop shop will soon be unveiled on November 20th at San Francisco’s Powell place. The Prudential Garden shop in Boston can get the redesign next. You would enjoy shopping at sephora with gift card.


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